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Mass move

Assembly and disassembly of furniture/Office

Assembly and disassembly of furniture/Office
&Nbsp;   businesses, Office moving, office relocation, Office furniture dismantles Group Setup, files and documentation, maintenance of office furniture, the company moved the Advisory
&Nbsp;   office relocation service Wizard:
&Nbsp;   company before transfer:
&Nbsp;   1, the Administration received notice from higher authorities the company moved, opened the company moved the Conference to co-ordinate arrangements;
&Nbsp;   2, contact moving company, described to moving companies relocation (location, distance, time, few cars can hold, what are the floors, furniture requires Assembly and disassembly); 3, moving company to companies in handling the situation, handling contract talks;
&Nbsp;   3, issued a moving notice, preparing its employees for relocation;
&Nbsp;   when the company moves:
&Nbsp;   1, first good label office equipment (computers, printers, scanners, photocopiers, projectors, fax, phone);
&Nbsp;   2, files and data (employee's documents and papers is a tricky thing, easily lost or prevention order, it is best to workers to organize, the moving company provides good carton packaging labeling sector, name);
&Nbsp;   3, Office furniture dismantles group and installation
&Nbsp;   4, sorting and loading (note handling desk, and office equipment and staff information);
&Nbsp;   5, pickup and delivery note when bump, handle;
&Nbsp;   after the removal of the company:
&Nbsp;   1, finishing placed office equipment
&Nbsp;   2, check the inventory of office supplies and equipment
&Nbsp;   3, settlements move;
&Nbsp;   4, open for business after cleaning; BACK