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Thrift recycling

Thrift recycling
&Nbsp;   thrift recycling is a "in accordance with law, contract, obligation or responsibility for all disposal of scrap or waste products, components and materials management" services. Thrift recycling is, with minimal economic value of maximum cost recovery products, while meeting technical, ecological and legal restrictions.
&Nbsp;   thrift recycling refers to the social production and consumption in the process of life, have lost all or part of the value of old products, scrap, and used materials, recycled, processed, enabling them to regain the value of all kinds of waste.
&Nbsp;   garage including old furniture, scrap metals, scrap electronics waste paper and scrap mechanical and electrical equipment and components, raw materials (such as waste paper, waste cotton, and so on), light chemical waste materials (such as rubber, plastics, pesticide packaging, animals, miscellaneous, hair, etc), glass, etc. BACK