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English learning about moving company events

&Nbsp;   It is well known that China's labor quality is not high, in moving companies movers ' cultural quality is not high. In order to improve the cultural quality of staff, a moving company owner came up with a way to improve the cultural quality of staff. Team culture of high quality, naturally more people will come, and that nature can also improve the handling costs.
&Nbsp;   moving company boss convened a meeting, each learning to speak simple English, such as "Hello", "thank you" and so on, employees are people who do not like reading, this company but very lively. They're everywhere, "Lang Lang's" sound, one after another, people stopped to watch.
&Nbsp;   soon, people who have a lot of fun to the moving company to see how workers learn. So they have got, the company also became well known in the vicinity for this reason ... ... There are many moving companies come to visit.
&Nbsp;   may be curiosity, more and more people come to this moving company moving, wanted to see how high it is the employees of the "culture of quality". So the company makes so played out day by day. However, the boss didn't make handling cost rises!
&Nbsp;   later asked that the moving company your boss reasons, he says with a smile, did not want to do to the workers to learn English, just looked at them quite boring, so that they are full of life. Who knows even became free of ads! Someone asked, now not really speak English? Moving company owner replied, of course, do not say, workers are busy, there is still time to speak English!
&Nbsp;   good ideas always brings a new harvest, the moving company's boss is the case, a casual idea, put his company on the map. In fact, on the other hand it is also superior care staff as a result, if not the owner considers for the staff, want to improve their cultural qualities, there will not be such a good thing. So a proper thought leaders can influence the development of the entire company, this sentence is correct. BACK