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Mass move

Our times with the superstition about moving

&Nbsp;   husband is a man of poor health, but always a minor illness continued, serious illness is not. Sometimes, I feel lucky, sometimes I feel depressed. I don't know if this is the punishment of God to us is in our favour.
&Nbsp;   for many years, we have tried to find the husband's body from a scientific point of view problems. But the results disappoint us again and again! A friend, an "aunt" came to our House. She said the bad Feng Shui. This is the reason for my husband in poor health, she said I was her husband's body is healthy.
&Nbsp;   "aunt", we are both doubt and fear. We are the people who went to school, doesn't believe in superstitions, but most of the time we get rid of those "inexplicable". So we decided to move.
&Nbsp;   when moving company car comes, our hearts are glad. We thought we had escaped from doom. "Aunt" hindsight tells us moving day is wrong. So we move again. Pick an auspicious, with whom we choose a moving company to carry our stuff. "Aunt" was once told us that the new home location is not good, we need to move again. I'm really angry, her husband was in good health, where stand the toss! So we stayed here. But the husband's body but weaker by the day. Finally, we have found the "aunt", and asks her to help us to find a good place, good
&Nbsp;   day and couldn't even find a good moving company!
&Nbsp;   after a month long wait, we have news. House in the suburbs, and a very good environment and fresh air, but the price is relatively high. And we eventually came to a harsh choice to buy. So toss also has a one-year period! Here the air is good, high quality, no noise, the husband's body than it used to be tough lot of. But in the end, we think the reason is because this is a suburban environment is better!
&Nbsp;   after all, we believe that after a few superstitions had to feel great! Why don't we know a nice living environment are you looking for? We smile, but stupid helpless before, and "aunt", and we don't hate her either, nor thanked her. BACK