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From the quality of worker attitudes to moving company employee in Beijing some would-be

&Nbsp;   We always trusted moving company, but one thing really made me very sad. But it can't say that moving company is not good, it just means moving company personal quality is not high.
&Nbsp;   This week, we move, moving is the mood, just in a good mood, we do things just to have the spirit. Moved so that there is only one satisfactory. To you, why should we choose not to Feng Shui, election day? This is what I hope we'll live a happy life, and is of course attach great importance to move smoothly in the process!
&Nbsp;   but when the moving company to carry our stuff, I found back when we moved after the new, stacks of boxes were empty. It's made me very angry! Because I believe the moving company so there is no tube, but they took me for a fool!
&Nbsp;   although this is something that dozens of money. But I feel I have so much confidence moving company, should not be treated like this! So I call the moving company, the front desk was very polite, after their boss's audit, the moving company sent someone to my house to send money in person. I think this shows that this is a good moving company is a company, acts of individual staff members, just too bad! Makes me wonder. BACK