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Mass move

If a dispute with the moving company that you do

&Nbsp;   If we have disputes with the moving company, that can find some Association to resolve. Association will help the consumer to claim or use other means to resolve the conflict.
&Nbsp;   moving and establishment of urban distribution branch ceremony, we learn, there are many moving companies of the region is currently scheduled, with vehicles is expected to have more than 100 vehicles, employing up to more than 6,000 people. However, according to Wang established Association says that at present, the moving company driver shortages exist in the moving industry, has too many fake moving company.
&Nbsp;   I think the shortage of human resources and transport personnel. According to the introduction, the moving company's workers have certain technical, and it is difficult, so many young people are not willing to engage in this industry. Since the branch was established, we will unify the recruitment of drivers or movers, small moves are very good for us.
&Nbsp;   We are here to tell you that many members of the public on the Internet or other means to find moving companies, but some informal enterprises playing a regular move business signs, after paying a fee, we can also find these informal moving company on the Internet. So I remind Members again when looking for a moving company, be sure to see is not a certified moving company. BACK