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Moving industry will be able to have its own property right protection

&Nbsp;   since last year carried out combat violations intellectual property and producing fake commodity crime of "bright sword" special action yilai, levels police organ active action, as this year September 15 total detection 715 up, police lock city more than 40 more than focus regional places and more than focus personnel, and strengthening on logistics industry and network field of management check control efforts, in transport link cracked infringement case more than 200 more than up; while, further strengthening network dynamic inspections and clues landing check , Network sale cases detected over more than 80. Police are also using "excellent brands Protection Committee of China Association of enterprises with foreign investment" advantage, establish contacts with foreign well-known enterprises and relevant industry associations platform, enhance collaboration, were cracked down in "Shanghai Science and technology limited company manufactured and sold counterfeit cartridges", in mobile digital square and seized counterfeit brands of smartphones, tablets, and so on.
&Nbsp;   is not only moving companies are faced with such embarrassing experience, in the moving industry use a variety of well-known brands mix companies advertise a lot, sometimes walk in the streets to see the same move vehicles but did not know any of the employees, actually these mistakes had been made "intellectual property rights". But since now moving the market threshold is too low, a lack of effective management of the industry development, institutional constraints relaxation for its property rights violations, in addition, after moving companies have their own brand was not registered in time, in the face of violations no effective way of protecting, for the development of the moving industry is very harmful.
&Nbsp;   therefore, the moving industry should have their own specification of property rights is very urgent. BACK