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Mass move

A number of issues facing the company moved there

&Nbsp;   company just moved into a new, large-scale moves have been messy, headache problems for executives are appears associated with company's phone system or network failures. Because all telephone, Internet systems company site is re-established or transferred from the site entirely, it is inevitable there will be some problems, problems will have a lot of colleagues have to find you a solution.
&Nbsp;   this when wants to most effective, and most worry to solution this class problem, recommends you in company moved Qian, in and phone, and network system service company signed set service agent agreement Shi, in agreement in requirements other sent hand in company just moved into new of first to second days, and even first week within are moments keep Hou in you company in, requirements they daily and you as normal on time to you company commute, such they on can help you timely solution this aspects of burst problem has.
&Nbsp;   or require that they must receive a failure notice one or two hours need to get to the scene of the accident, so you can focus on other aspects of the Office, after the move is sure to have a lot of problems to be solved, such as furniture, equipment, staff seats and so on. BACK