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Mass move

When he moved the treated half fare

&Nbsp;   move did to prices in the Middle? Fixed price, drop in price, who were a little stand, many of my friends say is relatively cheap, deal, no matter what you are, drop in price, clearly contrary to their intentions, then moving halfway reasonable price not reasonable?
&Nbsp;   actually, Midway price most are is extenuating circumstances of, certainly, some not formal of of company only will wants to Midway fishing Shang a pen, on like King Mr encountered of thing, in this year spring, Zhang Mr prepared moved, has on good of price of moved company come coming, but due to parking problem, moved company of employees said handling goods away from new home distance variable big, requirements again rose some costs, King Mr understand has about, feel this claims is not nothing, Moved from Park place to a new home there is a long road, Porter physical exertion and time is longer, so a price request, when Mr King over the network to understand the reasonableness of prices found that price is really has this factors, also very pleased to not make a joke.
&Nbsp;   so, if met has moved company requirements price of requirements, also need calm treats, moved although is simple, but midway encountered some special situation is is has may of, Midway price of most is extenuating circumstances, so also looked friends are can to understanding of attitude treats, understand to does should price Hou should analysis whether reasonable, certainly, in moved Qian best also understand about this aspects of related knowledge, so as not to don't black moved company swindle.

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