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Movers needed to understand labor law

&Nbsp;   moving company movers now are mostly migrant workers, a little knowledge of the law, rights awareness. In this connection, so that those workers who work hard every day no less aggrieved. And when customers move, the movers often injured, and workers with limited literacy are not know who wanted to discuss compensation.
&Nbsp;   today we know there is a moving company for a move, resulting in the relocation process, movers Liu was injured. Results the unit as a complaint, asking them to pay all medical costs. This practice is wrong, you should hire the moving company do for the complaint, and to pay all medical costs to its requirements.
&Nbsp;   from the perspective of labour law, law analysis: labour law refers to the relationship between worker and employer based on the labor law in the labour process in the form of rights and obligations. Liu did not sign labor contracts with the unit, and factual work relation with Liu nor no subordinate relationship between the parties. You moved only according to Liu for injured during this incident cannot be found Liu unit labor legal relationship with you. Liu not to you as the respondent asked the labor dispute arbitration Committee for arbitration.
&Nbsp;   Here you can see that movers Liu is employed by the moving company, Liu moving company signed a contract with no relationship of subordination. Liu labor law relationship with moving companies, Liu should be a moving company-was the complainant complained to the labor dispute Arbitration Commission demanding a move to provide work-related injury treatment.
&Nbsp;   moving company encountered things now, and many of them are on the province to province, hid hid. Responsibility to shirk off the best, so companies are saving trouble, you can move the workers rights is a kill.
&Nbsp;   as a mover, and is doing physical work, but it does not mean knowledge of labor contract does not need to know. Do physical work, injuries are very common at work, if confirmed to be injured, right to request company solely responsible. BACK