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Mass move

Business moving at night full of good intentions

&Nbsp;   are usually during the day we were moving, moving company employees after good things, our own tidying up after a good night's sleep. But if it's big stores moving isn't so easy.
&Nbsp;   "10 o'clock, how to get so much car, what's going on? "It turned out that Brown piano, who lives in West Park, as many people had found a home across the street in front of the Rainbow market," strange ". About 10:30 P.M. last night, reporters rushed to the scene and saw, on the road in front of the Rainbow market if there are dozens of pickup trucks lined up waiting to enter the market, and the market has stopped more than 30 vehicles in the yard of a small truck, dozens of workers were busy moving from upstairs down the furniture vans containing.
&Nbsp;   maintained order at the scene of the marketing managers, market these days one to three layers should be renovated or withdrawn, involved hundreds of businesses to be evacuated yesterday. It might affect traffic during the day, we all moved at night.
&Nbsp;   business thinking is still very sensitive, not only to find a moving company moving, also wants to influence others, is full of good intentions. Everyone admires. BACK