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Beijing spring showers move with caution

&Nbsp;   spring, spring flowers, flowers, everywhere is filled with a vibrant atmosphere, rain baptism so that the whole city of spring, and instantly makes people happy. Some joy some worry. This is not, at this point in the moved public frown a, I do not know when is the good time to contact the moving company, because Spring sky as the child's face was supposed to look at mutations in weather like this, people can only be stamped, but can find no way out in this weather, home or to move.
&Nbsp;   for a rainy day, even the air is moisture heavy. People feel very depressed as a whole in the event of rain on move is all the more infuriating, such as the need to move the futon mattress, easy to be wet but not dry, move back and forth when handling items, sticky throughout the living room, no mattress can be put.
&Nbsp;   If people living in tall buildings, building the case where no elevator, up and down the stairs is difficult, let alone let the moving company moving goods, also fear their fragile items such as ceramic is broken.
&Nbsp;   won't say home wet, even more alarming is the road surface slippery, GRT may encounter pitted dirt road, traffic insecurity, moving things much more sedate. If you are using private cars to move, load as usual, slippery on rainy days it is easy to extend the vehicle stopping distance, easily lead to an accident.
&Nbsp;   when moving, you can prepare a number of large plastic bags, wet bedding being a unified package. Then it is best to actively move networks to China normal moving companies, regular length moving companies often help consumers move, moving experience, and rainy moving moving company are guaranteed appropriate transport, members of the public need not worry. Because of the rain and slippery, and public safety. BACK