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Mining has lost ancient to move custom

&Nbsp;   today, the improvement of people's living standards. The pursuit of quality of life continues to deepen, change room, buy a House, move, have become people will go through things in life. However, in the ancient days, people did think of moving it? Moving network in China according to the moving company experienced worker said, we will work with you to explore.
&Nbsp;   We read a lot of historical information on moving companies: the new House of worship "Foundation" after moving into a new home that afternoon at dusk, depending on customs often to worship "Foundation" (QI). I heard "Foundation" for "God" or "House of God", and each House has, offerings to the "ground" to keep houses are safe. Or say: "foundations" homestead living, commonly known as the "base." House being occupied by others or reduced later in life to live, Xin Ying Sibai, beginning from the scourge. The legendary "foundations", the figure is not high, and new House of worship at the kitchen door or "back door", and set offering the table should not be too high. Offerings to the "Foundation" offerings are as follows:
&Nbsp;   1. Shou gold, mows the gold and the Earth, gold "paper money".
&Nbsp;   2. candles.
&Nbsp;   3. three cups of wine.
&Nbsp;   4. three incense.
&Nbsp;   5. homemade food (commonly known as "the boys"): a bowl of rice, meat, vegetables and soup.
&Nbsp;   "three incense" have burned more than one-third when, in the new house next to the gate, burning "spirit money" (Shou Jin, mows the gold, the Earth). Burn paper money, pick up the offerings, offerings to the "ground" ceremony is complete.
&Nbsp;   It seems that the ancients moving about much more than modern humans. Today, China move networks work together moving company with you when it comes to the ancient worship of the new House, believes there will be more people moving system for everyone to review. BACK