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After moving to eliminate cockroaches

&Nbsp;   moved zhiqian do sufficient of prepared, select has good of moved company moved started to certainly is happily of, but if new of home has let people hate of cockroaches that can is coming of things, in, many people are know, here not only has n home moved company, and also has many home specifically for people out cockroach except rat of company, small series on see had this a home. But really there are cockroaches such as, if not more,, it is estimated that few really to find professional staff of cockroach. So let us move hands, learn to eliminate roaches.
&Nbsp;   1, human hunting: the eradication of adults and larvae, daytime cleaning out closets and drawers table, see kill. After 8 o'clock at night every half an hour in cockroaches in many places such as kitchens, food processing, storage, turn on the lights to hunt, to receive better results.
&Nbsp;   2, trapping: using a smaller glass bottles, add sesame oil around the mouth (or sesame oil), put in bottle the scent of food, where night placed higher in the cockroach, cockroaches crawled into the bottle, and the following morning hunt. Drug Ant and cockroach-Ning on trapping and killing cockroaches has the ideal effect.
&Nbsp;   3, heat kills: cockroaches are not heat-resistant, 60 degrees for a few minutes to die. Available water filling into the hidden cockroach joints be scalded to death.
&Nbsp;   4, jam: cockroaches of occult fracture, use caulking of cement or clay, making it unable to climb out and starved to death.
&Nbsp;   5, drugs kill: Ning, aerosol, Ant and cockroach insecticide, such as permethrin, trichlorfon are valid.
&Nbsp;   cockroaches mainly live in the kitchen, wardrobe boxes and all the gaps between the walls, cracks in walls and drains is a refuge in the kitchen, spraying insecticide to these places to plug the gap, boiled. Cockroaches are not available more cannot be stamped on flap flap to die. Best used Roach papers see a sticky one, was an accurate and effective. Stamped on the cockroach a lot of germs all over the spread of the virus in the body.
&Nbsp;   good move not only well prepared to do before moving, you should understand how to move into your new home means necessary, I believe that after you learn how to eliminate cockroaches, you will have a totally comfortable moving journey. BACK