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Mass move

According to choose the right moving company

&Nbsp;   before the move, we move, the company has always taken into account in many ways, if you want less spending on it, you're depending on your distance to select a moving company.
&Nbsp;   moved from the very large impact on the cost of your move, within 10 miles are generally included in the starting price. If more than 10 kilometers of distance, the moving company to add 4 to 5 Yuan per kilometre. If you sign up from the moving company your moving out and move into the distance. Moving companies tend to be in that part of the cost is the cost of moving. So choose distance moving moving company is often preferred. This can minimize moving company moving distance. Also can save overall moving costs.
    1. Setting the removal date and time.
    2. New Office floor plans and plan where things are.
    3. Inform manufacturers moved to the new place, telephone number and date.
    4. Organize personal items boxed.
    5. Computer and phone removed.
    6. OA office furniture removal information box.
    7. Staffed guard, ready to move.
    8. Command handling, positioning the Cabinet Office data.
    9. OA office furniture installation location.
    10. Computer and telephone wiring installation.
    11. Public and private box positioning.
    12. Carton recycling.
&Nbsp;   moving company introduction to basic flow is clear above, hope I can give you some help, lets you move more smoothly and more remember smoothly. BACK