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Mass move

See a moving packing tips guaranteed not

&Nbsp;   new home, ready to move. New shelves in the study still has a lot of smell of paint, but it's not going to wait any longer. In fact, Almanac, chose a zodiac, set a moving company, we finally moved again, but this time was moved to our own their home.
&Nbsp;   moving company for help, but preparations is Alexander. Family, but fewer people working. Daughter close to school, everything is left to the parents help, in addition to her own part 1 souvenirs and clothing. Old man trying to help, but not to help you, but the chaos.
&Nbsp;   my job is packing the books, his books and his daughter's book. Daughter's book is less, there seem to be 8 boxes stopped, and the boxes are not too large. Nearly 50 boxes in my book, is a relatively large box. Originally, relatives help to more than more than 70 boxes of varying sizes, too large and too small are not suitable for your book. Later discovered the box enough, collected from people who buy, is very tight, 1 o'clock and not buy. Hurry order 1 box of the correct size on the Internet. Heads of yourself there are a number of books, books nearly 70.
&Nbsp;   first hollowed out Bookshelf boxing alone. Then heads of colleagues to take away shelves ready to rent. They also removed my folding sofa in the den, managed to move some space can overlap box.
&Nbsp;   boxing is a high technology content. Is the first book to put the full, not only saving box, more importantly crammed with books and boxes not only relative motion, can protect the good book. This is essentially an integer programming problem is, of course, use parallelism and adaptive human settlement, may be faster than computer solution. I was very experienced and had moved home several times. But now it is a book size specification is much more complex than in the past, old experience may not be able to solve new problems. In fact, I have made a mistake. Collection as a child of a dream of Red mansions, such as romance of the three kingdoms comic strips 1 Pack sealing. Later discover that you need with this little book filled a space no.
&Nbsp;   not only to solve integer programming problem in the box, but the box position in the room. Closure and securing with tape, each box for 4 weeks to have the gap, and I was unable to move after the box is full, so the boxes below to locate the right, and then stacked up to 4 or 5. Fold in the upper box is best placed on the shelves of books, more effort. Finally put the whole study is the plum blossom books column. People can walk in the slot.
&Nbsp;   for the easy out of the box, packing books it is necessary to have a general classification. And in the box for 4 weeks and the top mark with a pen. This is the old way, is very effective.
&Nbsp;   apart from the Pack, but before we moved home to more important things first get a new House. While fitting the keys fail, key is enabled. More important things including various certificates (certificate, degree certificates, diplomas, certificates, award certificates, and so on), proof of identity (booklet, marriage certificates, business private Passport, Hong Kong passes, Taiwan passes), bank books and cards and keys, gold and silver jewelry. Family certificate is particularly high. So these important little items must be treated differently, in order. BACK