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Mass move

Improper moving charges attention

&Nbsp;   regular customers in the process of moving was not appropriate fare increase, China move network some informal moving company lists the following six-point move inappropriate charges, hoping to move public attention.
&Nbsp;   1, the number of cars or models different from the originally agreed:
&Nbsp;   hire less car to car, or hire a car to cart and therefore increases, if consumers do not agree with the request to pay the high cost of the car.
&Nbsp;   2, under the guise of various reasons for fare increase:
&Nbsp;   example: consumers increased a small amount of moving goods or when handling long distance walk, appetite, for fare increases.
&Nbsp;   false
&Nbsp;   agree to pricing, to undertake at a low price, and random pieces of furniture that is considered a load, asked consumers how to move a car, or excuse bad items are too heavy to move, must increase.
&Nbsp;   4, not included in the valuation of wage:
&Nbsp;   undertaking at a low price, but the goods have not yet arrived, said the offer only fares, extra calculations of wage, every worker is required to pay a higher wage, Fang Ken will be removed.
&Nbsp;   5, refused to move to a specified location:
&Nbsp;   requires an extra charge for after the goods arrive at the destination, or refused to move to a new place.
&Nbsp;   6, operated by different companies out of the car:
&Nbsp;   business of the moving company and the actual handling of companies belong to the same family, Porter did not recognize the original valuation, simply raising fares. BACK