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Mass move

Teach you to easily move a few major feature tips

&Nbsp;   When a lot of people moving in circles, have few friends moved too many times, I did get several busy to help, because I don't show up, they not only busy sweating and not move smoothly, and cannot be said to be moving companies to force, are not master the skill of moving. In order to make more friends move easily move, small sums up some easy tips for moving, for your reference.
&Nbsp;   (1) before the moving company comes, first in the new waste canvas on the floor, so as not to scratch the floor
&Nbsp;   (2) before starting the handling, it is best to once again confirm the price is consistent with the previously agreed price;
&Nbsp;   (3) again telling workers what valuables and breakable items;
&Nbsp;   when faced with hard sweat moving service, owners of the best and beauty treats, may wish to request the drink served in the handling process, keep in good interaction with each other. (Remember: in command and moving services, to the biggest taboo is "nagging").
&Nbsp;   1. during transportation, better to have more than two people in the House together. A home help services to be moved out, note that furniture next to another car on the train. When the vehicle after arriving at the new home, and also one in the side to help unload the car, another person in the House to inform service personnel how to position it.
&Nbsp;   2 is new, old home moving vehicle parking spaces. If janitor to make voice of the Prophet, in order to facilitate handling.
    3. Anju time if properly, once again confirmed with the moving company.
    4. Heating (such as television sets, electric heaters), compressor (such as air conditioner, dehumidifier) appliances, in a move that day do not use one hand to avoid electrical damage, on the other hand to avoid injury to the service personnel.
    5. Rubbish, waste removal
    6. Provide moving services and new contact (such as a building manager Tel or mobile telephone)
    7. Fridge (air conditioner, dehumidifier) move after placement, best hour then plug the second power supply to protect the life of the compressor. After moving, the compressor, as rust water in the refrigerant shaking, rust water deposition before operation, or when the compressor sends rust water through high and low pressure valves.
&Nbsp;   8. plan 1-2 week, tidying up, as originally packaged order, unpacking, sorting order. Available
&Nbsp;   finishing of the holiday the whole family.
    9. Visit new home neighbors, to establish as soon as possible the new neighborhood. BACK