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Mass move

Give easy for you move basic tutorial

&Nbsp;   lot of people tired of moving half and moving company in terms of cost vs. People always complain about moving, move tired. Is there a way to easily move it? Have. You easily move basic course:
&Nbsp;   (1) how to move?
&Nbsp;   to move, first choose the regular moving company, you can query large moved to normal Web portal, consult in advance 2~3 House, move to learn more from fees. Choose a certain well-known and reputable moving company. Secondly to prepare, so as to avoid their causes waste of time or money.
&Nbsp;   (2) how to move?
&Nbsp;   to moving time, first of all work to prepare fully, all scattered things in a box or package, peers and, secondly, can ask the moving company to send more manpower. To arrange time after each trip, missing the peak traffic and traffic routes.
&Nbsp;   (3) how to move the heart?
&Nbsp;   to avoid the cumbersome moving the big drum, a good approach is to sell the calendar all the old furniture is not necessary for daily necessities, to buy a new set of furniture in the new House. Although this practice is a bit extravagant, but I will by you a brand new feel.
&Nbsp;   (4) need to move often do?
&Nbsp;   some families for some reasons need to move frequently. For such families, better to avoid buying large furniture, is to use equipment provided by the landlord. Moving cartons well don't throw it away, and prepare for the next use. Well not to reserve some long-term service, such as newspaper, milk and other services, so as to avoid a lot of trouble.
&Nbsp;   (5) how to avoid collisions?
&Nbsp;   must to moved company of personnel specified that or that pieces items belongs to focus protection, may words in box Shang plus striking identifies or tips language, a this easy broken of items or precious of items good himself handling, personally supervision large household appliances of moved put, some is sank or huge of home furniture (as cabinet, and piano,) should more find several people handling, and was in next command, easy broken or fear pressure of items should put in top, Hou loading, first discharge, Some aisle of old buildings and narrow, and often cluttered, be careful not to hit something next door. BACK